Install Ubuntu in VMware the easy way

October 12, 2015 in Install Ubuntu desktop edition 11.04, O.S.

Install Ubuntu 15.04 in VMware the easy way

Go to official website of Ubuntu and download the dvd

Then if you don’t have already installed VMware go to the official site and download it:

NOTE!!! VMware workstation Player is free for home use but not for commercial use!!! Please check the EULA of VMware for more information!

Now we can start the installation:

Open VMware workstation player and click on “Create a New Virtual Machine”


Chose the installation media. if you have burned Ubuntu in a DVD you can insert that to your DVD drive and choose the first option or if you have it as an “iso” file then choose the second option and locate the iso file.


How to install Ubuntu 11.04 desktop edition

March 14, 2012 in Install Ubuntu desktop edition 11.04

How To Install Ubuntu Desktop Edition 11.04

1. Download

First of all you have to download the disk image from the official Ubuntu site Choose the one that fit to your system (32bit, 64bit).

2. Burn the cd and boot

Burn the iso image into a cd. After that you can boot up your computer from this cd. Be sure that your computers boot priority is set to cd first.

3. Installing Ubuntu Desktop Edition

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