How to install Drupal 7 on ubuntu

June 26, 2012 in CMS

How to install Drupal 7 on ubuntu Part 1

This is a full article on how to install Drupal on Ubuntu, that means you can use this guide even if you have a clean installation of Ubuntu, and I will try to keep it as simple as I can.

What you will need in order to install Drupal.

First of all you will need a LAMP Server(more information can be found here).

1. You have to install a Linux system(you can choose whatever you want. A guide on how to install Ubuntu can be found here).It doesn’t really matter if you choose a desktop or server edition but if you are planning to publish your Drupal website I strongly recommend to use a server edition of Ubuntu for example.

2. You will need Apache (more information can be found here)

3. You will need MySQL (more information can be found here)

4. You will need PhP (more information can be found here)

5. And last but not least you will need to download Drupal from official site.

Let’s go to the next Part and install Lamp